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Seditio Belagio Teması

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Installation Instructions

Upload the the folder skins/belagion in your skins/ folder in your server.
Select the skin T3 Belagio through your profile or set it as default in your config.php by using the skin code "belagio".

PSD (Photoshop) Files:
1. All of necessary the Photoshop files are named pretty self explanatory. I included the .psd files 
so if you would like to make a change it should be a snap. You can really do is open the up and play around with them. 
Make sure you have a backup for them before you re-save them. That way you will always have the original. You can hue 
shift the buttons, resize them, really modify them any way you see fit.
2. All the freeware fonts that they were used to build the buttons and the misc graphics.

Legal Notice
- Run a single instance of the product. for a single domain for lifetime.
- It is acceptable to use the graphics on a different part of your website.
- You have the right to change the code or the graphics as you like.
- Use the graphics or part of the code for a different part of site.
-You can not under no circumstances the right to distribute resell or use our product
In any way other than for your own domain/server/website.  Exceptions will only be made with written permission from T3-Design corp.
- You must leave the "Style developed by"  link or any other tag we have used on the product unless you have purchased a 
branding free option. Then you are allowed to remove that link. Removing that link without purchasing the branding free license gives us 
the right to move against you by law and claim our copyright rights  If you buy more than 1 skin for a single server/domain you only have 
to buy 1 branding free license.

seditio belagio teması

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